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07 October 2020 - Kyalami Equestrian Park, Midrand

Umvuzo Health 2021 Benefit Launch. Happy Health. Happy Life.

The 2020 Benefit Launch was held at Kyalami Equestrian Park on the 7th of October 2020. With all the new adjustments the world had undergone with the Covid-19 pandemic we had to be even more creative than usual and do things differently, and safely. And so, the idea of a drive-in movie was born where all new benefit changes were announced in a fun theatre-like way.

The full drive-in experience was had while staying true to our theme of Happy Health, Happy Life. The theme was pulled across all aspects of the event and brought smiles to many members.


01 October 2019 - Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand

Let Your Health Take FLIGHT!

2 October 2019, the location was set for the 2020 Umvuzo Benefit Launch at Gallagher Convention Centre. However the location was unlike any other with the apt theme being, ‘Let Your Health Take Flight.’ The theme was pulled through meticulously from boarding, arrival, departure, to landing at a very colourful Hawaii! This being the 15th anniversary of Umvuzo Health saw the fullest “flight” since inception showing growth and prosperity.

Guests were taken through a timeline of growth and development which was celebrated by all. Informative facts were relayed which included the astonishing number of corporate groups acquired since 2004 being 6 companies to 120 as the Scheme stands today. Another remarkable comparison was the contributions which were 9 million in 2004 and are projected for the first time to cross the billion rand mark.

Growth was attributed to strong relationships with organised labour, improving relationships with intermediaries, great value for money benefit options and a passionate committed Umvuzo Health Team.

The much awaited increases were announced with the overall average being 10.37%.

Proceedings ended on a high with the announcement of Maternity Benefit inclusions being additional blood & urine tests, 2D ultrasounds, prenatal vitamins and visits to the GP/Gynecologist (benefits differ according to plan).


01 October 2018 - Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand

No matter the journey, we’ve got your beat.

1 October 2018, Gallagher Convention Centre set the stage for an exciting 2019 Benefit Launch. Themed, "No matter the journey, we've got your beat, was yet another unique and innovative approach to launching the new benefits. And being Umvuzo, there were more significant announcements made entailing positive alterations to existing benefits.

As the formalities were concluded, attendees each received a djembe (hand drum) and were taught to play to a beat and to visualise passion and prosperity in the work place. No space for blue Mondays! Refreshments in the form of waffles, pancakes and pastries were served.

With only well received and positive changes and a very competitive one-digit increase, Umvuzo has most certainly set the industry’s beat!


03 October 2017 - Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand

What an electrifying event the Benefit Launch was!

The crowd was up in arms about the extreme excitement brought to them by the Umvuzo staff and the charismatic MC, Gerry Skerritt. The energetic atmosphere was present from even before the start to finish. Gerry gave a hearty welcome before introducing Principal Officer, Mr Oosie Oosthuizen to do the official welcoming. Mr Oosthuizen spoke about the exceptional cases Umvuzo had this year with our most famous one of paying out more than R1.6 million to a member who had severe burn wounds. We had a lot of extreme high cases this year, but despite that our Solvency ratio sits proudly at 31%, well above the 25% average. Some of the BOT members were present including our Chairperson, Mr Frans Nkosi and Vice Chairperson, Mrs Sibongile Mabuza. Mrs Busi Roberts continued with the presentation which turned out to be as fun as it was informative. The audience enjoyed the video she had shown about the recent rebranding. Mr Alan Fritz gave people the opportunity to ask questions and MC Gerry ended the event off with a hype game of general knowledge and Umvuzo Trivia. All in all, if I may be so biased, this was the most fun and educational event I have ever been to!

17 October 2017 - Indlela Country Lodge, Emalahleni

When we opened the car doors to step out at Indlela Country Lodge in Emalahleni, a very cool wind blew, but moments after we were greeted with warm welcomes from our satellite office agents. The day kicked off with hearty hellos and smiles all-round. Mr Alan Fritz presented the 2018 benefit changes and our partner, Mr Petrus Geel from Universal was present to answer all Universal/Network related questions. We made real progress in Emalahleni as the members and the staff could listen to each other and shine light on a few matters. Thank you Emalahleni for a great morning.

Umvuzo Health. Building The Future Of Medical Aid.

Photo credit: Jana Grobler
19 October 2017 - Diggers Inn, Welkom

We always feel so welcomed in Welkom! There is something about our members and staff in the Free State that makes you feel so happy the moment you see them. The 2018 Benefit Presentation was given at Diggers Inn by Ms Mereese Anthony. We had a fantastic turnout with a great and very interactive Q&A session. Ms Anthony also announced that our Universal Partners were present to help answer network related questions. Even after the Presentation finished, members and staff had the opportunity to ask and talk about individualised cases. Thank you Welkom for allowing us to be a part of the one big happy family! Till next time.

Umvuzo Health. Building The Future Of Medical Aid.

Photo credit: Jana Grobler
25 October 2017 - Red Sands Country Lodge, Kuruman

On the 25th of October we were "Vêr in die ou Kalahari". The 2018 Benefit Launch in the Northern Cape took place at Red Sands Country Lodge. We experienced the same hospitality and calmness that you only get in the Northern Cape. Mrs Busi Roberts did the honour to present the 2018 Benefit Launch. The crowd listened attentively and was engaged with her every word. Mrs Roberts ended off with an interactive Q&A session where members walked away with peace of mind after their questions were answered to their expectations. Thank you Kuruman! We love giving you peace of mind while we ourselves experience peace of mind here in the beautiful Kalahari. Till next time!

Umvuzo Health. Building The Future Of Medical Aid.

Photo credit: Jana Grobler
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