Umvuzo Health is a restricted scheme that was registered with the Council of Medical Schemes on 1 July 2004. Umvuzo is only available to groups of employers and their respective employees within specific industries and sectors.

Umvuzo, the Zulu word for reward, remains at the heart of our company philosophy.


With living costs in general — and healthcare costs in particular — escalating continually, Umvuzo Health’s main objective is to reward its loyal, hard-working members. Umvuzo does this by offering them an affordable, yet reliable, medical aid with the added benefit of private hospital care.

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A good question

Yes. Healthcare providers are allowed to establish their own fees. Therefore, if an account is in excess of the fee determined by the rules of the medical scheme, the difference is for the account of the member.


"Thank you for your service and family support for parents and children over 21. It gives us as parents peace of mind that our children are covered with a stunning medical aid. Thank you Umvuzo Health, God bless. "

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